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Every month Happy Meal offers a new prime inside its boxes. With this campaign we were launching the OMY program and its coloring posters as primes.

The brief aimed to differentiate our Happy Meal gift proposition vs competition and to bring together parents and kids around a unique experience that can be creative, innovative and unique.

The budget to cover up the restaurant was 70K€.

All the restaurant fronts were to be colored representing a surface of more than 400 m2.


Coloring is one of human favorite activity. We've all done it. We've all liked it. Sometimes even to the extent we needed to color everything. Everywhere. As a kid, we have all one day colored a wall. Of the house. Of the school. Often against the advice of adults.

What if for once it would be allowed to do this, as a family, at a large scale?

To announce that giant family friendly coloring pages are offered in the Happy Meal, what's better than inviting families to color a real McDonald's restaurant? That's why we created "THE FIRST McDONALD'S TO COLOR".

And for once, it was eventually fine to draw and color on walls! A restaurant, located in the South of France, was entirely covered in black and white, from the bottom to the top. During one day, families could come to fill up their restaurant with colors.


We covered more than 400m2 of a McDonald’s restaurant fronts with a blank canvas. The first challenge was to design a coloring pattern of this size. In partnership, with OMY designers, we developed a whole world map to let children express themselves. We tested a scale model colored covering to verify and define the size of the drawings and their visibility, and then achieve the creation. Then we had to find the most suitable material for drawing with felt pens. We realized several tests on different materials. We also had to take into account how the various facings of the restaurant are made. Based on that, we deciced to use coated canvas - micro perforated - with extra varnish.

Finally, we had to print the covering that fits with the restaurant template taking into account the different landforms of the restaurant and the roof.


The event created traffic in the restaurant (+150%) even, during installation days!

Families were calling their friends to invite them to come and color.

Engagement rate 22% (vs average 9.1%)

5 millions impressions

12K Likes on the video

220 upt

R.O.I of this promotion = 140%

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