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JCP PRAD, Oslo / DNB BANK / 2023

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The coronavirus pandemic led to the cancellation of Oslo Pride in 2020 and 2021. In 2022, Oslo Pride was affected by a terror incident, and the entire celebration was canceled for security reasons.

So, there was great tension in the city before this year's celebration.

Norway's largest bank, DNB, strives to be a bank for everyone. Demonstrating a commitment to LGBTQ+ rights is becoming increasingly important, which is why DNB decided to be a main partner of Oslo Pride in 2023. Making people feel safe to be themselves during Pride was defined as the most important contribution DNB could make.


No one should feel fear because of who they are or who they love. The solution lay in this desire, and the statement that would define the entire concept of DNB therefore became "Come as you are." We wanted to encourage everyone to come and celebrate love. Whether you are attending Pride for the first time or are an experienced Pride participant, or if you are going on behalf of someone else, the message was that no matter who you are, whether LGBTQ+ or straight, young or old, just come as you are. Join DNB in celebrating love at Oslo Pride.


DNB's goal was for this to be the best partnership that Oslo Pride had ever had, and the target audience was the entire city of Oslo. This was also the most important collaboration DNB undertook in all of 2023.

What we aimed to reach was nothing less than the entire population of Oslo. The whole city was to be invited to come to Pride and join in celebrating love. Among the residents of Oslo, we placed a special focus on those who, for various reasons, had never been to Pride before.


We launched the concept "Come as you are." Through DNB's engagement, we aimed to create a sense of security by showing that everyone was welcome as they are at Oslo Pride, whether you are old or young, heterosexual or LGBTQ+, an experienced Pride participant or attending for the first time.

During the weeks before Oslo pride, we invited absolutely everyone to join in celebrating love just as they are, using films, outdoor events, digital platforms, DNB’s online bank, and social media. A safe-space breakfast before the parade was arranged, and we invited Oslo Pride newcomers to join the DNB float in the parade.


A record-breaking 85,000 people participated in the Pride parade! (2019: 50,000)

70% increased attendance in the parade

22% had improved awareness of the partnership between DNB and Oslo Pride (goal: 10%)

The videos had a 47% viewing frequency (benchmark: 15%)

(Only 50% of Norway’s population supports Pride, but a whopping 62% liked the videos)

20% more people than anticipated attended DNB's Pride breakfast. 94% gave the breakfast the highest score. 98% said they would talk about the event with others.

DNB became the most recognized Oslo Pride partner among the sponsors

After Oslo Pride, 30% had a better impression of DNB as a result of the partnership.

But most importantly, DNB had contributed, along with Oslo’s citizens, to reclaim their city with love

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