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Consequence Strains

BBDO TORONTO, Toronto / R.I.D.E CHECKS / 2018

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Partnering with a licensed cannabis producer, we created Consequence Strains: three new cannabis strains designed to highlight the consequences of driving high.


From packaging design to names and descriptions, the strains blended-in with others on the market. Except, ours showcased the potential risks of driving high: being charged with impairment, dealing with the pain of an auto accident injury, or being sentenced to prison for killing another driver or pedestrian.

The campaign launched in November 2017 with a storefront, focus groups, outdoor posters in close proximity to dispensaries and influencer outreach to target our core cannabis user, while a campaign website, short films and PR helped spread the message to a broader, national audience.


220+ million impressions

53 media placements

Campaign created strong discussion on the topic of driving high