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ANOMALY, Toronto / GRUPO MODELO / 2016

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In 2015, rather than just bringing in the best acts from around the world, we chose to change our approach and to use Corona’s stage and resources to feature some of the young up-and-coming musicians in Mexico. To ensure Mexicans knew that Corona was going to do whatever it took to get Mexican bands discovered, we pulled the ultimate stunt with the successful international artist and producer Will.I.Am by providing an unexpected audition from an upcoming Mexican band, Los Blenders. Not only was the audition unexpected, it also came from a very unexpected place –hanging off the side of one of Mexico City’s tallest buildings.


Will.I.Am was invited to a meeting in Mexico City high up in one of the city's tallest buildings. While he was waiting in the meeting room, we lowered emerging band Los Blenders from the roof onto a makeshift stage outside the window, hundreds of feet in the air, for a surprise audition with Will.I.Am. While they performed, the stage had pyrotechnics and an illuminated sign, to suggest that Los Blenders were a big time band waiting to be discovered. The entire stunt was filmed and used as TVC. The commercial aired on October 10, 2015, during one of the country’s biggest soccer matches, USA vs. Mexico. National pride swells during important soccer matches, and it made sense to capitalize on this by celebrating Mexico’s incredible music talent. The advertising aired as a 60- and 30-second TVC for the following 2 weeks, generating lots of positive sentiment for Corona across Mexico.


Los Blenders’ popularity skyrocketed and they ultimately performed at Corona Capital. The overall program was so successful that brand health for Corona with young adults has grown for the first time in many years, and grew higher than any brand within Grupo Modelo’s portfolio, including the meteoric rise of the Bud Light brand in Mexico.

Social impressions grew dramatically for Corona and the band Los Blenders.

• More than 289484 plays on their new LP

• +62% increase of followers

• Record brand health amongst Legal drinking age consumers for Corona

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