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After a change in brand strategy the client wanted to expand the customer base within the component business. The already existing turbocharger department was to be united with a sub brand. So two »brands« needed to be branded as one new brand.

The main objective was to increase visibility in the market and become the first choice of customers for turbocharging and exhaust aftertreatment solutions in all applications. We went through the whole brand development process, starting with brand analysis, brand building workshops with the client and competitor analysis. After that the conception of the new corporate identity including the corporate brandmark, colours, typography, etc. followed. Numerous templates for business stationary, office communication, press- and event material, advertisements, posters and brochures further applications like an animated logo, keyvisual, web design and a corporate image film had been realised. All guidelines had been summarised in an extensive CD manual.


The central idea was to use the USP of »holistic Air-Management« and thus the elements of air, guided air flows and rotation. Additionally we positioned the brand in a brave and progressive way on the market. PBST was to be established as THE partner for the competence field of Air-Management. As the brand operates within the business to business market the main target audience are engine manufacturers and engineering offices.

The new brand should be presented as a new player on the market that, however, comes with many years of experience and a high level of quality in products and service. To achieve this objective we wanted to create a forward-looking, clean design with uncommon elements that offers a high level of flexibility in application but yet stands out by a distinctive design language that becomes inherent to the company and is characterised by a high recognition value.


Air, rotation and the modest use of coloured highlights with an otherwise very straight and geometric design language are the main features of the CD. The brand mark can utilise different circular radii that again can be rotated. The word mark builds the solid centre.

An uncommon characteristic: the brand mark can be overlapped within a set area of the picture mark. Thus text lines can extend into the circle creating a rarely reached fusion of information and manufacturers brand. Also unusual for this industry, the entire colour spectrum is used as a sign of diversity in products and services. Quality, clean air and space are displayed through the voluminous use of white, which also provides a contrasting basis for texts, or images. Products are painted white and staged in a clear visual language on bright background. Products in application are presented as aerial photography from a strictly vertical perspective.


With the new identity, the company achieved a new level of brand value, modernity and eye-catching design. So far, we have received a lot of consistently positive feedback on the new design, both internally and externally. Internationally the new appearance also created a positive awareness of the brand and records favourable acceptance and implementation especially within the asian locations.

The better recognizability across all channels and in particular the courageous use of colours contributes to a distinctive differentiation to the market competitors.