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Create What’s True To You

PEREIRA O'DELL, San Francisco / ADOBE / 2022

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In the making of Billie Eilish and Adobe’s “Create What’s True To You”, our approach to visual effects was to create a mix of photoreal and stylized FX to fill out a black void environment, thereby visualizing a creative brainstorm, and highlighting the wide range of styles that can be created by an artist when using Adobe Creative Cloud products.

DMX controlled interactive on-set lighting played a major role in the visual effects integration, as well as the light play on the talent. We shot with a practical high gloss floor, which allowed us to capture reflections of the lead that would have been difficult to recreate synthetically. Full CG elements and fluid simulations including fire, smoke, anime explosions, black ooze, and rain drops, generated in Houdini and rendered with Redshift, were art designed and composited into the live action to heighten and add fantasy to the dark stylized void.

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