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D6, Madrid / CDC / 2008

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Every year, Spain’s Club de Creativos organises a day-long workshop called El Día C (“C Day”), to which creatives from all over the country come to exchange ideas, attend presentations and award prizes for specific works that will later be featured in the Club’s yearbook.This year the workshop was held in Valencia, about 300 kilometres from both Madrid and Barcelona, where most of Spain’s agencies and creatives are concentrated.A week before the event, the number of club members who had confirmed their attendance was smaller than expected. And so we created this action.We sent out an email to members in the name of Ze Frank, one of the event’s principal speakers, with a clear message of his commitment: If I can travel 6,000 kilometres from the United States to Valencia, why can’t you manage 300?

Simple and effective. The response from club members was immediate.ENGLISH – ZE FRANK LETTER My 6,000 against your 300. This is not a bet, nor is it an example of chulería*. Where I come from, that word doesn’t even exist, and that’s what this letter is all about.

But first let me introduce myself. My name is Ze Frank and if you don’t know who I am, you’ve got another reason to come to C Day, or google me, as 4 million other people have done. That’s exactly what I’m coming to talk to you about: how to triumph on the web. And to tell you all I know about how to make yourself or your brand popular on-line, I’m going to travel 6,000 kilometres, from the United States to C Day in Valencia, a lot more than you would have come from your city or village. So there’s really no excuse not to be there, if you stop to think about all the advantages: it’s close to where you live, there’ll be loads of interesting discussions, you can have a paella and, with a little luck, find out how to become an Internet star – all this at quite a bit less than 6,000 kilometres from home. You can’t miss it. I’ll see you at C Day. Sign up right now. Or maybe you’d prefer to get an email like this from Jurepoorn Thaidumrong.

Ze Frank

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