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CSKA Ice Hockey Club Logo and Corporate Identity


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The style is formed by several primary elements: the star, the CSKA text, the shoulder shield emblem and the red and blue color scheme. These images have been with the team throughout its history, they are dear to the fans which meant that all of them had to stay.

The star is a historic image, a symbol of the army, victory and Moscow. A sign of victory since ancient times, the shield emblem represents the team's impenetrable defense. The red, white and blue color scheme is grounded in history and echoes the colors of the Russian national flag.

Another traditional element of all hockey clubs is a mascot. For the first time in the club's history, CSKA acquired its own mascot, a horse in the club's signature colors.


At the core of the logo are the red and blue star and the letters CSKA arranged in the signature step pattern, reminding of the iconic team sweaters of the 1970-1980s. The star acquired a classic shape, while the shield emblem created for CSKA in the 1960s was updated with two hockey sticks now emphasizing its shape.

The logo, emblem and mascot are actively used on various media, from uniforms and the club bus to advertising billboards and souvenirs. Players wear all three symbols on their jerseys: the main star logo is placed on the chest, the club's emblem can be seen inside the numbers on the back and the mascot is rendered as a traditional hockey shoulder patch.

While working on the club's corporate identity, designers have thoroughly studied the team's history, embraced its spirit and traditions, recognized strategic goals and objectives and carefully explored the evolution of the club's symbols.


The club has acquired a modern identity that continues half a century of tradition of the club's symbolics. The club's new logo looks bold among symbols of other teams. Fans and players are proud to wear the club's uniforms and use branded attributes. The project received a lot of coverage in the media and social networks, which attracted additional attention to the club and increased brand recognition.