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Currys PC World: Drop a Hint

BLUE 449, London / DIXONS / 2016

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Research showed that every year 66% of Brits receive unwanted Christmas gifts - but many are too polite to say. We keep our upper lips stiff and loved ones happy by enthusiastically proclaiming that the body wash gift set was exactly what we wanted!

Not only is this an emotional drain, but a financial one too. The average unwanted gift price last year was reported as £28.27, which means Britain is sitting on an estimated £819m worth of unwanted presents every year. Sadly our loved ones seem to miss our subtle hints in the run up to Christmas!

However, Currys PC World wanted to stop all this acting and make sure Britain got what it really wanted for Christmas. We enabled the public to drop a personalised hint to their loved ones telling them exactly what they would like in a way that was unmissable – through Outdoor!


The campaign ran across 6 weeks and spanned 35 towns across the UK.

Due to the scale of the campaign a ‘Hint Decision Engine’ was created to manage all of the data. This was a content & data management platform that allowed us to share hints with ease and with scale. It was plugged straight into the website which meant that hints could be created, curated and shared in a matter of minutes.

An email was automatically sent to the intended hint recipient encouraging them to ‘keep an eye out’.

Hints were also designed for online influencers, the press and celebrity ambassadors. A UGC element to the webpage allowed the public to instantly share their hint on social media. Paid Social activity was also used to drive entries and increase excitement.

In total we shared 3,615 personalised hints whilst encouraging a further 25m individuals to shop with Currys PC World.


Research showed that 54% of those that saw the personalised Outdoor were more likely to purchase a product from Currys PC World as a result.

Social sentiment increased by 60% on Twitter and 17% on Facebook across the brand campaign period.

Brand tracking showed that Currys PC World were now 1st place the public would consider buying a range of gifting categories.

Currys PC World had an extremely successful Christmas with a whopping 5% rise in sales Year on Year and the Christmas brand campaign delivered a short term ROI of 5.

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