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In Italy in recent years mostly ultras have attended stadiums and football support

has become an issue of public disturbance. The government has worked hard to

keep the violent supporters out of the stadiums. The result is that the stadiums are

gradually empting. This situation is a bad starting point for Dacia that, after 8

years of sponsorship with the Udinese Football team, has decided to give its

name to the new Udinese stadium. How can Dacia stimulate a positive support

and convince new supporters to go to the stadium?


Dacia presents Dacia Family Project, the contest that convinced Udinese supporters to start a family by giving away a

seasonal ticket for them and the future supporter too, in order to grow a new generation of fans.


From September 2015, Dacia stimulated the Udinese supporters to start a family

with a direct campaign: a special pregnancy test, distributed out of the stadium

that in case of positive result showed the black&white stripes of Udinese Calcio. It

also created a web app to match the calendar of fertile days with the Udinese’s

fixture calendar that was supported by a display campaign focused on Udinese

supporters. To increase communicability through the target, were also made some

video inscriptions where the Udinese football players thank their fans for the future

supporter. At the end of the contest, for the first time in the Italian football, during

the Udinese-Napoli match a whole sector of the stadium was reserved to the

winners: more than 100 pregnant women populated the stadium and 20 of them

lined up with the football players, with everyone's eyes on them.

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