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Dacia Spring 100% électrique - Mad World

CIRCONFLEX, Montreal / DACIA / 2022

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The objective was to create a cover version of “ Mad World” by Tears For Fears, but with female vocal, in a modern style. Base it on the same slow mood, but with a crescendo leading to the end. Avoid the darker areas of the song.

We wanted to contrast the “Mad World of Exclusivity” and the Dacia world.


Produce a modern version of a song that supports the action and puts the emphasis that we live in a "mad world" of rampant exclusivity.

It's a great thing that electric vehicles from Dacia are affordable and accessible to (almost) everyone.


Stay in line with the brand's philosophy of offering accessible cars. Make it exclusive.


It took one month to complete the project for the music and post-production aspects of the campaign.


The catchiness of the song and its cover version by Noem were a hit across Europe.

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