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The 18-34 demographic is motivated to limit global warming more than any other generation. Electric vehicles can be a part of the solution, as 40% of greenhouse gas emissions are made while driving. EVs are expensive, especially for young people, so when Dacia launched the most affordable electric car in Europe, they asked us to find a creative way to inform this audience and debunk the preconception that 73% of them have: electric vehicles are way too expensive.


We decided to connect with the biggest young driving community: Rocket League gamers. Inviting 27 million young European gamers to switch their beloved in-game gas car into an electric one, players used the native customization features in the game. Once their car is turned into an electric one, they can join a massive European electric tournament and a Dacia map, where all players drive electric cars. The Dacia Spring Electric Challenge made electric vehicles just as accessible to young gamers as Dacia made them in real life. Customization of cars is a part of the Rocket League experience. People are using thousands of options to make their car unique in the game. We made electric cars trendy.


Dacia Spring is the most affordable electric car. It’s clearly designed to appeal to young and engaged people. We decided to meet them where 27 million of them are: on Rocket League.

We used the customization features of the game that enable thousands of possibilities, including electric modifications like lightning behind the car instead of default flames, lightning bolt paint jobs, or electric sound effects while driving.

Partnering with Lethamyr, the most popular map creator in the world, we made the largest custom map ever made, creating a challenging universe dedicated to Dacia. To join the map, gamers have to make their car electric. We then organized a tournament in the true tradition of Rocket League, but it came with a twist: teams had to transform their beloved cars into electric ones to join. The best team won a cash prize and a chance to ride a real Dacia Spring.


One month before launching the operation, we released teasing videos and social media assets. We also asked dozens of top influencers from all over Europe to tease the event.

The custom map was launched by Lethamyr through its media channels and influencers. It immediately became the most downloaded custom map ever, with people posting videos on Twitch of them transforming their rides.

For the tournament, we partnered with Rocket Baguette, the European competition organization leaders. Hundreds of teams from more than 10 countries battled over a month, including the best and most famous Rocket League players who joined organically. We also partnered with influencers in 5 countries (France, Germany, Spain, Italy & Romania) to communicate and stream their participation through their social media channels (Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, TikTok & Twitch). Everything was supported by press releases and media alerts.


Ranked #1 “Most popular map of all time” with 99.6% 5-star reviews

+500 hours of live streams on Twitch

+30,000 downloads of the map.

+330 teams involved in the tournament.

+5M views (across YouTube, Twitch, and TikTok)

+150 Twitch videos (30k average viewers)

+ 150 headlines, with a 100% positive rate.

+120M organic reach

An increase of X5 more Google searches for ‘Dacia Spring’ since the beginning of the campaign

Young people are now buying the Spring 20% more than any other Dacia model

18 influencers involved in the campaign in 5 countries (France, Italy, Spain, Germany & Romania).

100% of PR coverage mentions the brand DACIA and the model SPRING by name

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