Cannes Lions You are far from knowing me & Gone with your comments on Jiang Wen

W, Shanghai / DIANPING.COM / 2016

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Description, a “Yelp” type app works together with the movie “Yibuzhiyao” directed by Jiang Wen, an internationally renowned Director, to launch a new service of selling movie tickets. But a big load of critiques brought this movie to meet Waterloo. So, effective effort must be made to draw the attention from the movie fans and to add its box office.

We turned each of Jiang Wen’s two magnum opus into an interactive film-rating mobile game. Players guess the name of the film based on random screenshots and have the film rated. Impressive film critiques are shown to audience for an in-depth interpretation of the thoughts and charisma of Jiang Wen. A good feeling is thus generated towards Jiang Wen and desire inspired to watch the film. Such a genuine mode of interaction started off a fad for the film on social media.


In this mobile digital campaign, one Designer, one Typography designer, one Copywriter and one Programmer were involved as a core working team. We sourced all the footages and posters of Jiang Wen’s films, and do further redesign and animation based on the well-chosen materials, which surprisingly showed his works in a new art direction.

It took one month for these two Html5 mobile websites from creative design to production.

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“You are far from knowing me” & “Gone with your comments on JiangWen”

W, Shanghai

“You are far from knowing me” & “Gone with your comments on JiangWen”


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