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Das Re-Boot

SKY DEUTSCHLAND, Unterfohring / SKY TV / 2019

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The movie "Das Boot" is a German icon. The Oscar-nominated film is still celebrated today, 37 years since its original release. In 2018 Sky, Europe's biggest Pay-TV-Broadcaster took the story over for a new production.

But a new series based on an old film needs a new fanbase. And the success of Das Re-Boot relied on convincing a generation of Germans who hadn't seen the original film to tune in.

To raise awareness within a young generation of series bingers a campaign needed to be developed which activates the target audience, raises PR for the show and leads the target audience to tune in the show.


We brought Das Boot's iconic U-boat - one of the most famous submarines in the world - to life. Creating an unforgettable experience for seven nights and seven lucky winners who were chosen out of 22.000 applicants: Dein Boot – the world's most personal premiere. A personalised red carpet event with the series actors, dinner in the U-boat and an exclusive series-premiere in the original setting – including a great framework programme.


The target audience were series bingers. We reached them by inviting them to make an iconic series setting – and it is one of the most famous settings in Europe – their home for a night.

We reached them via SKY‘s series social Media channels and asked them via short Videos (2 Mio. interactions) and PR to apply for an unique experience money can't buy. German series influencer soon took the story over. The limited number of 7 nights attracted additional attention.

Within one week we had 22.000 applicants.


Event period: November 16th - 22nd

Distribution methods: Via our social media channels (FB, Insta), radio cooperation Radio Energy nationwide) and series influencers we asked the target audience to apply for an unforgettable night in the original submarine setting. The German press simultaneously picked up the story (more than 60 articles) and spread the story. Within 5 days we had 22.000 applicants (Airbnb-record) on the application site:

The events took place in the original U-Boot of the series in Munich at Bavaria film one week before the official broadcast.

We became the talk of the country across German TV, press (more than 60 articles) and social media. 2 million social media interactions in ten days and a reach of 150 million.


The Personal Premiere became the talk of the country across German TV, press and social media and SKY‘s most successful series launch in its history.

Our 22,000 entries were a world record response for a contest on Airbnb.

Two million social media interactions in 10 days and 150 million impressions.

Securing coverage in almost every major press and digital title across the country, from Bild to Focus and Stern to Deutsche Welle.

SKY Ticket sales increased +430% ahead forecast.

And more than 8 million viewers for Das Boot Season 1 – that's a tenth of Germany's population.

We became Sky’s most successful series launch in its history.

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