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The FIFA WORLD CUP is a huge sports event in which the brands make a big effort to be part of, and only a few have the upper hand by being an official sponsors, so we had to create a content strategy to be part of the conversation even though we weren’t an official sponsor. We had to deliver more tan 15 million digital impacts, generate 71.000 interactions and position de brand in social media through free press without losing our iconic and humorous touch as a Davivienda Bank campaign.


By a social media listening process we found that the biggest proportion of conversations were happening around the VAR innovation in the FIFA WORLD CUP, so we seize the opportunity of being relevant and reach our goals through a real time content and a strategic display of media touchpoints that would help us to be relevant even though we weren’t a official sponsor of the FIFA WORLD CUP, thats how we decided to create stories and experiences around the live conversation that were happening in the moment, expanding them in social media and open TV.


Even though in a sport like soccer the predictions have a large consideration, there’s no big mathematic formula to predict the results or what is going to happen in a match, so our data source was in fact, the games. Our campaign was made for massive public, new audiences and to satisfy the expectations of our followers, additionally, we take into account the different classes of fanatics around soccer, the soccer lovers, the unconditional, the season fanatics, the occasional, or simply the social fanatics, all men and women between 15 and 70 years, so we had to reach them in their social networks and narrowing the impact through the biggest conversations of the FIFA WORLD CUP, for example the Neymar foul against brasil that made the social world explode with memes, we joined the conversation by making a real time content of the reaction.


By the use of real time content we made more than 160 videos, each one responded to a specific situation during the matches. The live monitoring of the matches was a key factor to determine the efficiency of each piece, the number of conversations of that specific moment, and the time that we had to produce, post-produce and post. We use mainly social networks such as facebook, instagram and twitter, but also we had the opportunity to make it wider through open TV. We started to post the contents through out the FIFA WORLD CUP.


With the creation of more than 160 videos that went viral in short time we generate more than 33 million reproductions. We made more than 370.000 interactions and we overcome by 46% the digital impact reach of 22 million. We reaffirm the brand with the humorous touch and became the second brand with the highest recall during the FIFA WORLD CUP. With this initiative we also won the 65% share of voice of the financial sector, but most importantly we made people have fun with our communication.

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