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DENTSU INC., Tokyo / MOSS / 2022







Ever since the start of the pandemic, suicide rates in Japan have been on the rise. In 2020, 21,081 suicides were recorded, an increase of 912 (4.5%) compared to the previous year. The film's message, aimed at those who have lost their will to live, is a fundamental, but difficult one: "Live!".


The film is set in a world where everyone knows the date, but not the year, of their death: their "death day". This unique and new idea was the basis for this film. Viewers are immersed in the story and original setting, becoming deeply engaged in these. This is a socially-motivated content that empowers and brings forth the desire to live.


All of the information released to the public was made available solely through the main actor's own Twitter account. The film itself was born out of the actor's strong desire to create a project with a social impact, and the purity of his wishes is thus directly transmitted to the public. The film was released on YouTube, with zero media fees. The self-funded project was created as a not-for-profit method for distributing a social message. Its desired effect was also to raise the profile of the main actor and brand him as someone engaged in social issues.


The film was released to watch freely on YouTube, on December 31st, the protagonist's own ”death day”, creating a direct link and awareness of the central concept of the film. Since its release, the film continues to be available to watch on YouTube and aims to empower as many people as possible.


99% of reactions on social media were positive. "It made me think of the meaning of my life", "I will try to live" were a few of the many positive reactions received. The most tweeted comment was one of the lines from the film: "Congratulations. You're not dead today". Due to the engagement and buzz surrounding it, the film is due to be released in cinemas, even though it continues to stream online.