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Targeting tech-savvy, female “Movers,” our idea showed that the harder they worked, the harder Degree worked. Our female targets loved fitness and technology, but weren’t always aware of how much energy they were expending or how much sweat they were creating. We learned that these women loved to dance, and from this insight, we designed a campaign that integrated the Degree brand with the summer’s hottest Primetime show, So You Think You Can Dance (SYTYCD). Beginning as an on-air experiment, it combined biometrics with key messaging of movement, pushing Degree and Motionsense technology to the forefront. Lightwave technology measured four key areas of each dancer’s movement: heart rate, g-force, speed, and energy. With these data points, we quantified physical movement and broke down the science into simpler terms, equating it to everyday movements that viewers could apply and relate to their daily lives.


With 3x two-minute+ integrations during key episodes of the season, the live show kicked off with the first of measuring dancers biometric data. Custom bands measured key areas of movement, translating data into relatable content to contextualize scientific measurements into everyday movements. During each episode, we aired digital banners featuring fan-favorite, Jasmine Harper to drive our brand message of movement. A notable TV spot showed Jasmine on her #dancebreak, capturing biometric data. Using Twitter, drove conversation around the experiment and movement with the help of dance influencers and contestants. A Tumblr GIF booth backstage at SYTYCD pushed GIFS of contestants in real-time post-performance. Throughout the season, we tied in the theme of movement, launching a season-long digital series profiling each dancer on Coming full circle during the Finale, we asked the Final 4 contestants to share how they remained motivated to keep moving over the course of the season.


The biometric segment gave clear ownership over the theme of “movement”:

• Lightwave Integration broke through at exceptional rate (Source: Nielsen Brand Effects)

--23% higher Brand Recall than Integration Norm

--18% higher Brand Recall than Integration on SYTYCD the previous year

• The Jasmine Harper Television Commercial within SYTYCD extremely effective (Source: Nielsen Brand Effects)

--Brand Recall 24% higher than Women’s Deodorant Norm

--Purchase Intent 16% higher than Women’s Deodorant Norm

• Jasmine Harper Digital Display raised awareness of MOTIONSENSE & increased femininity credentials

--27% statistically significant lift in KPI of Message Association that DEGREE MOTIONSENSE ‘keeps you fresh with every move’ on (Source: Millward Brown)

• Paid Twitter extremely engaging with overall rate performance of 17.4% - 3x over the Unilever benchmark of 4-5%! (data as of 8/24)

--Top tweet garnering 48% - 9x Unilever benchmark

--4.5MM+ on Twitter

• Tumblr page garnered

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