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W20, Copenhagen / SNAPS BORNHOLM / 2017

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The product's base was firmly entrenched in Denmark - the small island of Bornholm, to be exact. This was fused with both local and more "exotic" ingredients.

That constellation spoke to us and begged for something both traditional and foreign.

Those elements were found in an ancient Japanese art technique called Suminagashi where ink is layered into water, after which this fluid visage is transferred unto paper.

The result is maelstrom of colour and texture, which aligns perfectly with the actual product. In addition, we would construct each label from a colour palette associated with that specific variant. The result was a label that actually communicated the very sensation of the product in bold and recognisable way. And in a way that left no doubts as to this product being a new and different take on Akvavit.


Our design elements consisted primarily of the 8 product variants' distinct Suminagashi artwork as well as a brand logo. They were integrated into packaging, gift boxes, online ads and sale materials.

The design touch points were as such in both ad experiences, PR and advertorial and in-store product experiences.

Materials used were ink, acrylic paint, water, wallpaper paste and paper. These materials were utilised to create a flowing, chaotic blend of texture and colour.

The process was very analogue and explorative. None of us knew anything about Suminagashi. That meant the process demanded a high amount of confidence on our part and trust from the client, and manifested itself in late nights playing with paint, water and paper in order to get the balance right. Finding the balance between ingredients was the biggest challenge. All in all, it took a team of 7 lots of long nights.


During a 6 month period we have accomplished the following:

20.000 units sold nationally

Reviews in 12 media outlets - named the most exciting akvavit in 2016 by Ekstrabladet - one of the nations largest newspapers.

Interviews in 5 media outlets concerning the project itself.

Firmly represented in 38 of Denmark's leading On Trade locations.

Represented by 37 of Denmark's specialty liquor and wine traders.

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