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Development of a sound logo system for Manner


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Prior to the creative process, a brand workshop had taken place with the objective to look into the core of the brand to create a sound logo that represented the auditory brand essence for the Manner brand.

Creative idea:

Origin of the music: A Manner jingle used in the 70’s was reactivated. The six-tone sequence, “The taste of Vienna“, ensures a lasting authenticity and uniqueness.

Cultural origin: Vienna, Austria and the “Pummerin“ bell from St. Stephen’s Cathedral. In line with the visual identification on Manner wafer’s packaging, the “Pummerin” bell can be heard at the end of the sound logo.

Acoustic color: The violin as a significant instrument of the Viennese Classic.

Expression/Style: Pizzicato. This has an associative reference to the product and emphasizes the attributes: snappy, sweet, fresh and light.

Look and feel/the brand promise: Pink heartiness reflected in the waltz rhythm of the six-tone sequence.

Tempo: lively, elated.


The implementation of the key part is a special feature of the sound logo. It consists of the last four tones of the sound logo and serves as a „centerpiece four-tone layer“. It renders a Manner brand touch to musical pieces and can be applied over music in radio spots, telephone waiting loops or video clips and prepares the sound logo heard at the end of the spot.

The sound logo, as a sound DNA, is yet another component for the auditory perception of the brand. In addition, it provides a basis to create further musical applications right up to the development of functional sounds for the Internet, for apps, etc. The outlook for further development of applications has already been incorporated in the new sound manual.


The new sound logo intensifies the emotional experience and the recognition of the brand. It is evidence for Manner’s identity, authentic and timeless, and can be considered a true auditory equivalent of the Manner brand.

In international communication, the versatility of this brand asset contributes largely to strengthening the brand.

Implementation of the brand sound has continuously taken place since spring 2016. The brand sound manual guarantees the sound elements are applied correctly.

To add long-term value, Manner will consider new waltz compositions from Vienna’s composer environment for their choice of music. To sound traditional and at the same time modern and progressive is another step that has evolved from the reflection of the brand.

The Manner sound logo has been honoured the German Design Awards 2017 and the Transform Award Europe 2017 and is now nominated for the German Brand Award 2017 (jury decision is pending).