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SAPIENTNITRO, London / RBS / 2016

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‘DigiDocs’ is a cloud-based document solution that connects customers directly to the credit underwriter, with a simple and easy-to-use portal that works on mobile, tablet and desktop. The underwriter asks the customer to take pictures of the required documents using their phone or tablet camera, which are then uploaded with just a tap or click.

It offers 'save and return' functionality and timely, personalised, communications (email & SMS) that keep customers informed every step of the way.

Sophisticated 3rd party systems are used to validate government-issued documents including Passports, Drivers Licenses and Visas. The customer can also use DigiDocs to electronically sign their agreement and get access to the funds.

RBS DigiDocs is simple, seamless and secure, allowing customers to upload any type of document on any device 24/7. Truly ‘Helpful banking’ and a solution fit for the 21st Century.


• Implementation: The solution was delivered in just 15 weeks. Customers were consulted throughout the design process ensuring that the solution was simple, useful and user-centred.

• Timeline: Permanent feature.

• Placement and Scale: online, global.


• Loan application times have been reduced from an average of 11 days to under 48 hours.

• RBS expects to service 25,000 loan customers per annum and increase applications by 5,200.

• They also expect to dramatically reduce the 150,000 inbound calls received each year.

• Reduced dependency on a manual paper process, thereby reducing errors and increasing efficiency and allowing branch and contact centre staff to spend more time being helpful to customers.

• 22% drop in account opening customer complaints compared to 2013.

• Glowing customer feedback.

• RBS is now extending DigiDocs to applications for Mortgages, Current Accounts, and Overdrafts. It will shorten sales and service journeys for customers whilst enabling the bank’s omni-channel strategy and helping the bank to achieve its vision of being ‘Number 1 for customer trust and advocacy’.

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