Cannes Lions


DENTSU, Tokyo / SONY / 2010

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Presentation Image






The “dot” between “make” and “believe” serves as a symbol of communication. An enormous dot was created, which suddenly emerged in the city.Many “commands” designed to awaken the curiosity of target users were created. Questions from the dot were sent to users every 30 minutes.Answers to these questions via voice recognition will appear on the dot.

Content displayed on the large sphere will be streaming on the website and answers can also be sent through the website.Answers appearing in real time on the sphere can be seen both at the location of the sphere and on the website.

All answers can be seen. Popular answers will be enlarged.


Received 60,000 answers in the first week.40,000 followers on Twitter.News of the mysterious sphere has been covered in many blogs and social media followed by young Japanese.

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