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Ding Dong Ditch (The doorbell prank)


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(A common thing to do as a youngster in Norway is to sneak around houses and ring the doorbells - and then run away from the house (Ding Dong Ditch). When the owner comes out there is nobody there. Or even more fun - they chase you when you ditch).


Imagine blind people, people in weel-chairs and other disabled persons (and their assistants) going home to politicians all over Norway, ringing their doorbells. And then "running" away from the house just as the politicians open the door. Thats just what we did.

Some of them got busted, and some got away. We put a message on their door-handle with information about the campaign. And we spoke directly to them, telling them the importance of a good assistant.

Disabled persons have never done naughty things like this, until now. And they loved it. Actually - the politicians loved it to.


Our client, Prima Assistanse, is located all around Norway, so we gathered information about where the local politicians lived. Local personal assistants picked up disabled persons and took them the the politicians neighborhood. And it all happened the same evening - all across Norway, with many hundres of disabled people participating.

We based our campaign on only on PR. Not a single paid media was used. And the local newspapers, TV-stations, radio was our main focus.

Our main goal was to build awareness amongst the politicians. So that when they walk into the council next time - personal assistance for disabled persons is their top priority.


Our way to interact with politicians made them rewrite some of their laws.

All the biggest media (TV, RADIO, NEWSPAPERS) in Norway covered our campaign, also with news-teams following the disabled persons when they did their door to door pranks.

Over 30 local newspapers, from north to south, covered our campaign.

Many thousands commented and liked the different Facebook- and Twitter-updates.

We spent a total of 75 000 Norwegian Kroner on the campaign. And got earned media coverage worth over 8 million Norwegian Kroner.

Most important - politicians all across the country commented on our campaign, saying that they now will improve the funds for disabled persons, giving them the personal assistance that they need.

And last but not least - we showed that disabled persons can do a lot of different and unexpected things just with a bit of help. This is what life is all about.

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