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Discovery of Immunotherapy


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We wanted to tell a story that empathizes with patients during this critical and difficult time in their lives. The story had to be authentic. With the help of different advocacy groups, we identified three patients who had positive results with immunotherapy. We heard their stories, synthesized them, and crafted a single patient voice that tells a unique journey.

The story also had to be engaging. Recognizing that humans are hard-wired visually, it was critical that the video had an artistic style that was appealing and comforting. Through the unique combination of a singular voice and powerful imagery, we aimed to do our part to create a piece of art with purpose. To motivate patients to take their health into their own hands.


The target audience for this video are patients who are experiencing an advanced stage of cancer and their caregivers. They may have been through one or multiple rounds of chemotherapy and are seeking another treatment option.

It was critical that we were mindful about not only the target, the creative aspect of the video, but also the placement and timing as well. The point of care space is where patients go to learn and proactively discuss their health making it an ideal setting for this creative. The Outcome Health platform has a vast footprint across a variety of oncology centers (including infusion centers) and offers a unique opportunity for us to reach an extremely vast amount of people. Our simple call to action states “when you enter the exam room, discuss an immunotherapy option that works for you” is a powerful reminder moments before a physician enters the room.


We played this video in specific PCP and oncology offices, as well as infusion room centers within the Outcome Health network. In PCP offices, the video played in 17,634 waiting room TVs in 15,498 offices, and 35,047 exam room tablets in 8,469 exam rooms. In oncology offices, the video played in 869 waiting room TVs in 716 offices, and 1,515 exam room tablets in 365 exam rooms. It also played in 6,430 infusion room tablets, which are affixed to infusion room chairs while patients are receiving treatment.

Ultimately, we feel this video will educate, motivate and drive discussions about a topic that we feel passionately about and one that can help patients and caregivers at a critical time.