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Distil Your World London Collectors Pack is a luxury limited edition of The Macallan single malt whisky: 2,000 units at USD 3,500 each, available in +20 countries.

The Macallan asked to create a luxury limited edition package that explained the story of the The Macallan and the Roca Brothers London journey.

The challenge of this project was to discover and capture the essence of London, uncovering the flavours, people and culture and bottling it all in a single malt whisky paired with a unique gastronomic experience. London is the second chapter of Distil Your World, a documentary series that we launched on Amazon Prime Video.


The pack for Distil Your World London shares a journey where The Macallan and 3-star Michelin chefs, the Roca brothers, bottle the essence of the city into a whisky.

The creative idea of this packaging design reflects the complex journey through London that comprises multiple layers of content on places, people and flavours. It begins with the overall city view with a true scale map of London and hones in to unveil the essence of London distilled inside: the whisky embraced by the city as background. The city landscape is also to scale.

The target audience are people interested in rare and collectible The Macallan whiskies and discerning in their choice. They are single malt whisky connoisseurs with a high level of knowledge, experience and appreciation of whisky. They could be buying this package as a collector’s item rather than for consumption. They are The Macallan fans and potential future.


The map of London was created by using advanced 3D software to show the actual scale of the buildings, streets and places. You can trace the relief of the city, capturing the idea of retracing the same sensorial journey that our masters went.

We presented the bottle as the essence on a steel plinth embraced by the city as background made of advanced curved 3D print. The buildings are exactly to scale.

A steel clasp featuring the logo opens the box, with an elegant and discreet sound. This reflects the approach that our masters took to entering and discovering the city.

There is also a photo book in the case with its own showcase. This book is hidden and discovered by pushing a button that opens a slider. The concept here is to give collectors the objective that underpins the whole project: discovering a hidden, unseen London with The Macallan.


Distil Your World London Collectors Pack is a luxury limited edition of The Macallan single malt whisky.

There are just 2,000 units available in more than 20 countries, and its price is USD 3,500 each pack. All the bottles have been sold.

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