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THE VALUABLE 500, Dublin / THE VALUABLE 500 / 2019

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Disabled people are the world's largest minority, 20% of the global population. Collectively, they are a market bigger than China, with buying power of over 8 trillion dollars. But for many years the needs of disabled people have been ignored by mainstream businesses and their status in the society has been undermined. And it's not just about employment. Most multinational corporations don’t show people with disabilities in their advertising, don’t develop any products for disabled people, their shops and offices are largely inaccessible. The result: there’re more clothing lines for dogs than for disabled people, 75% of disabled people have left a shop or a business because of accessibility issues, only 0,06% of adverts show disabled people, and the list goes on.


In this film we see an interview with the President of a french supermarket chain. He's being presented with an award that recognises the true value of his company's commitment to diversity and inclusion. The interviewer, Chris, asks him to describe the ways the organization has considered the needs of people with disabilities. The response is surprisingly positive, until it's not.

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2019, THE VALUABLE 500

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