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Dog Eyes is the first training programme that turns shelter dogs into guide dogs for the blind, giving a better future to both.

This new project was launched with a film showing all the stages in the human and learning process that the shelter dog and blind person have to follow right from the outset, in the places where they will eventually live together, building a strong relationship based on trust.

A final call to action asked people to raise funds for new training initiatives.


Dog Eyes was launched online with a video on YouTube and Facebook and a dedicated web page, where users can find not only extra information and the hero video, but also a series of satellite videos produced to offer them the chance to delve further into the subject, by experts with experience in the worlds of both dogs and blind people. In all the media channels used, the call to action inviting people to donate has the aim of activating the audience to make Dog Eyes available for other abandoned dogs and blind people.


There has been a significant rise in the number of visits to the Acua website and Facebook page. Many shelters have contacted the Association to take part in the project. Italian influencers have given us their support and headlines soon appeared in the mass media.

Most importantly, Dog Eyes has opened the way for people who know about guide dogs and have always wanted to shed light on the way they are trained as mere tools, completely forgetting about emotions and relationships, which play a vital role in cases of disability. Others have proposed applying the Dog Eyes approach to police dogs too, where there are the same prejudices.

This is the result we hoped for: to change the perception of shelter dogs by changing the perception of guide dogs for the blind.

In the first 2 weeks:

visits to the website: +320%

Facebook reach: + 6.970%

Video responce rate: 32%

Sentiment score: 98%

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