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DOM WORK, London / DOMLOAD / 2021

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‘Domload’ is a methodology that enhances people’s creative process

via digital and physical tools. It focuses on learning and self-knowledge

activities through experiential workshops. In Portuguese, the word ‘Dom’

means your ‘natural talent’, your aptitude and ‘inborn gift’ which gives you

passion and purpose in life. ‘Domload’ is the creative action that connects

you with your inner-self and calling, and ‘downloads’ your personal insights

and epiphanies from life into a customized methodology applied to creativity.

Its creator, Dominique Magalhães, has asked for a logo focusing on movement, discovery and change, with simplicity and originality.


The letter ‘D’ from the word ‘Dom’ transforms itself, visually evoking action,

progress, expansion, and freedom. The classical creative motto "Think Out of the Box" becomes “Think Out of the D”, with two scaling shapes that equally relates to a flying wing and the methodological steps that the participants go through.


The typography adds a welcoming feeling with the characters with rounded

corners and the word in small caps, which gives emphasis to the word ‘Dom’.


Registration requests at the website have grown steadily and participants

have asked for the development of personal products, such as sketchbooks,

notepads, coffee cups, and t-shirts. Even though Domload’s branding program

is its infancy due to its start-up phase, the logo has offered crucial impact to

the client’s identity and business strategies.

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