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Domo: Six Billboards in Utah County

DOMO, American Fork / DOMO / 2018

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When it comes to lives lost to suicide, anything more than zero was all the data we needed to know something had to be done. The Dan Reynold’s documentary Believer, premiering January 2018, further highlighted how LGBTQ+ youth in Utah struggle, creating a sense of urgency and a moral obligation for us do something to help. By talking to people close to the issue, including parents of LGBTQ+ youth, it became abundantly clear that letting these teens know they are loved just as they are, and that they are supported in the community in which they live, was the most impactful thing Domo could do.


The data inspired the overtness and urgency of the campaign. Knowing our community is generally accepting and loving, we needed to make sure the billboards didn’t shame anyone or endorse any one group over another. We needed to share a message of belonging to our LGBTQ+ neighbors while providing an example of how to be loving and welcoming to all. We knew this couldn’t be JUST a message to LGBTQ+. It had to be a message for everyone.


The billboards have been up since April 4, 2018 and have a weekly reach of more than 2X Utah’s population, while the online press coverage has a reach that is 6x the Utah population. The more important statistic, however, is the overwhelmingly positive response from the Utah community. There have been thousands of social media engagements, hundreds of positive comments and dozens of emails to our CEO supporting the campaign and sharing stories of how they personally have witnessed or experienced the feeling of exclusion. While it is too early to know how this campaign will change Utah’s youth suicide rates, creating a more open community – and saving just one life – is how we consider it a success.

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