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IMPACT BBDO, Beirut / AN-NAHAR / 2020

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• Situation: After the death of An-Nahar’s Editor in Chief, Gibran Tueni, in 2005, the country’s leading newspaper today is facing another death- the financial resources to keep on printing. This is due to the massive revolution that impacted the country’s economy in all its sectors, especially the media scene, it witnessed a series of closures from newspapers, radio stations, and magazines.

• Brief: Fund a newspaper that’s running out of business, due to the revolution’s impact on the economy and financial aspect of the country.

• Objectives: Raise awareness about the newspaper’s cry for help, and in the process ask its readers to donate ink to bring it back to life.


The target was everyone who wants to revive the newspaper that stood for freedom of speech. The campaign was meant to address all avid readers, of all ages and backgrounds, locally and globally and invite them to donate.

An-Nahar sought to crowd-source such a sensitive initiative and used various social media channels, considering that our audience is highly active online. it also aired on national TV to reach a wider audience.

Unlike traditional funding campaigns, that hold straight-forward messages, An-Nahar relied on the humane element of its existence and asked people to donate ink, which is the newspaper’s sole source of life. Relying on its impactful past, the newspaper that once shed blood for freedom of speech is now asking its readers to donate back, to survive yet another “almost” death.


• Implementation: The campaign launched on the front page of the newspaper and an online film that promoted the plea for financial help to keep the printing presses going.

• Media: For one day, a special execution of the newspaper’s front cover was printed with the call to action message, asking people to donate ink. In parallel, an online video was aired supported by online and social banners to widen its audience beyond the Lebanese borders, and gather funds on a micro-site.

• Timeline: 16th of December 2019 to present date.

• Scale The viral effect of the campaign gathered enough funds to keep the printing press working, pump life into the newspaper and allow its employees to retain their jobs, in times where jobs were in danger.


The funds earned, bought enough ink for the newspaper to keep on printing for 6 more months.

The campaign had an overwhelming response. In a nation where offline readers still supersede online ones, the plea for help tapped into their emotions. For its readers abroad, it also struck a nerve, especially that this 87-year-old newspaper reminds them of home.

The campaign was so widespread it, moved every Lebanese in and outside of Lebanon.

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