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Don't Drink and Dive

PRIME, Stockholm / TRYGG-HANSA / 2016


1 Silver Cannes Lions
2 Shortlisted Cannes Lions
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To showcase alcohol impairment, we asked Stockholm Konstsim Herr – synchronized swimming world champions and middle aged men – to perform their winning routine. Drunk. They were filmed for the short documentary Don’t Drink and Dive (DD&D).


The documentary was filmed under the supervision of the Swedish National Swimming Team’s doctor, two lifeguards from the Swedish Life Saving Society and a certified rescue diver.

We launched the campaign a week prior to midsummer, a holiday closely connected to both drinking and swimming.

On a microsite we presented the film along with facts and statistics for individuals, businesses and NGO's to find information about the issue.

National and international media, opinion leaders and potential partners received information about the campaign. Social media was used as a tool to spread the film both organically and through sponsored ads.

Beer and wine producers put the Don’t Drink & Dive label on their bottles - restaurants joined too and more stakeholders followed.

The campaign ran for two weeks but it was prolonged organically by shares and media picking up the campaign all over the world.


Outcome/Awareness: The topic became of global interest. Over 300 articles in more than 25 countries covered the story, resulting in a total reach of 250 million.

Knowledge/Consideration: During midsummer week, it was one of Sweden’s most viewed videos, with over 1.1 million views to date. People all over the country pledged not to drink and dive through a successful Thunderclap.

Outcome/Business Results: In a follow-up survey after the finish of the campaign, 1 in 5 Swedes stated they’d seen or heard about DD&D and among the people who had seen the film it is more common to state that no alcohol is ok to consume before a summer swim (53 %).The general secretary of the Swedish Life Saving Society declared that the initiative could save lives. It most probably did. During the campaign period the number of drowned men decreased by 39 %.

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