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Doublemint Random Connections

MEDIACOM, Shanghai / MARS / 2016

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In terms of brand awareness, Wrigley’s Doublemint is the No. 1 chewing gum in China – and it is also the “Icon of Connections”. The brand’s main benefit, fresh breath, lets you connect with others without the embarrassment of bad breath; the package format invites sharing; and the brand’s iconic Double-Arrow signifies the connection it creates between people.

When we relaunched the brand’s visual identity in 2015, naturally we wanted to celebrate the brand’s promise. Of course, there was to be a nationwide ATL campaign to introduce the new look. But we decided that we had to go further.

Together with the client and the creative agency we developed an engagement brief with the clear objective to bring the promise to life in media. After all, with today’s media savvy young consumers what you do is even more important than what you say.


In Chengdu we put up a gigantic digital screen in one of the most populated squares. Teaser content (showcasing the new visual identity) got the audience curious and a camera transmitted a live view of the audience.

A giant Doublemint Arrow came on, randomly pointed out two complete strangers and nudged them to get to know each other. Strangers shaking hands, giving each other hugs – even rival fans overcoming the dislike for each other.

In Shanghai we went further: we partnered with dating website Zhenai.com and invited their members to our event. This time, the Doublemint Arrow randomly connected future lovers – and sent them on blind dates. From “Random Connections” to romance. From Big & Bold to blushing.

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