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Dove – Bench

OGILVY, London / UNILEVER – DOVE / 2019







We’re constantly told that social media is driving us physically apart. In short: “Human interaction is the first casualty of the digital age.”

But Dove wasn’t so sure.

To understand the truth, we filmed a bench from a hidden location for 8 consecutive days. Hundreds of real moments of genuine human interaction were captured on camera, proving that quote wrong.

“We still touch” is the conclusion the resulting film leads us to.


The fact we had no linear narrative, but 8 entire day’s worth of unstaged material make this the editor’s dream job. Or nightmare. The narrative thread, its emotional arch, is entirely conceived in the edit suite.

Such was the prominence of the editing in this piece that the editor was also involved in the composition of the original soundtrack for it. Guiding the musicians through his vision, images and sequences. The result is a coherent story line, with moments of delicate tenderness and a vast range of human relationships conveyed through touch.

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