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Dove: From a 100 colours proof antiperspirant to 1768 dynamic creative assets

INITIATIVE, Buenos Aires / UNILEVER / 2017

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In Argentina, getting an outfit is really expensive. The country has the highest clothes prices of the region. A deodorant leaving white marks in clothes is unacceptable.

When it comes to creating awareness of personal care products, brands always partner with big media companies, which guarantee millions of users to be reached (with huge investment required)!

However, those media partners usually make deals with a lot of advertisers, saturating their sites and creating a harmful competitive landscape.

Our strategy was to partner not with a media company, but with a company that could reinforce our products benefit.

That Partner was : the most important online retailer in Argentina when it comes to women apparel.

Thanks to Dafiti's data we created personalised ads, dynamic creativity fueled by the clothes and colour just seen by the user.


To those who bought a light blue shirt the message was: “Do you like that light blue shirt you just bought? Take care of it with Dove Invisible Dry. Proven to leave no white marks on 100 colours”

To those who had shown interest in an item but didn’t buy it, we showed them a promo message encouraging to buy Dove and participate to win for free that item they were looking after: “Love that green blouse you just saw? Join Dove´s Promotion for a chance to win it! Dove Invisible Dry. White-marks free on more than 100 colours.”

Those who bought an item would receive “smart product sampling” with the shipping.


We participated in every part of the consumer funnel showing relevant creativity fuelled by data to an audience that no other competitor could reach.

We achieved +235% CVR vs benchmark.

We reached 61% of the universe with a one to one communication.

Comms was so relevant that we doubled +2X the conversion rate for e-commerce sites, such us Dafiti or any other online retailer that are experts in the subject.

The CTR performed above +2X times vs benchmark

We reduced the effective cost of each buying, increasing the campaign ROI.

We delivered more than 50.000 sampling items so that women could test it with their new clothes!

Dove Invisible Dry raised its value share +16% when the campaign began against the previous month. Our campaign helped Dove’s marketing plan to consolidate Dove Invisible Dry positioning and market share in the target.

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