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Dove Self Esteem Project - Positivity Radio

OGILVY, London / DOVE / 2018

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A girl will receive both negative and positive feedback in her life. But the human brain is hard-wired to focus more strongly on the negative, a phenomenon sience calls “Negativity bias”.

We give the audience a first hand physical experience of the phenomenon by using the “Dichotic listening” technique, which delivers both negative and positive information to the brain at the same time.

The point in case shows why the Dove Self-Esteem Project is there to help girls build their self-esteem and body confidence from a young age.


This radio ad uses the technique of ‘Dichotic Listening Task’ to deliver both negative and positive information at the same time.

By segmenting the negative and positive comments in the left and right audio channels, the spot creates a physical experience which lets the listener feel the actual effect first-hand.

Because of our hard wired tendency to focus on the negative information, the listener most of the time will actually focus on the negative comments (left audio channel).

In that way, we highlight the fact that young girls at their most vulnerable age are exposed to both negative and positive messages -- and tend to mostly absorb the negative ones.

The campaign ran on Radio and Pandora in countries like the US, UK, the Philippines and Brazil.


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