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Coway is the number one water and air purifier brand, but faced increasingly stiff competition. This led them to expand further into the home through mattresses, air-conditioners and massage chairs.

Brands in each category were many - but more critically, all were perceived as established experts, so it was an uphill battle to convince consumers to even consider Coway.

We had to show up differently to capture consumers’ attention and gain a foothold in the categories, and subsequently bring value to the business through a unique perspective on a low-interest category that could increase engagement and ultimately, sales.


We had an advantage over our competitors - packaging all 3 products under the ‘rest’ territory. But that wasn’t enough to convince people of Coway’s credibility.

We needed to know more about how they rest in order to create a new positioning that stands out from competitors.

To do that we needed to provoke people with something totally new:

Sleep is 1/3 of our lives, crucial to overall health, yet we’re not doing it very well. As sleeping well means getting restful sleep, could restful sleep be reflected in dreams?

We couldn't just ask people to tell us their dreams, so we rode the AI wave, utilising it as the means of engagement and to visualise dreams.

This acted as the hook, enabling us to ask about their pre-sleep routine. Valuable individual data gathered lets us personalise how we talk to consumers, presenting products directly relevant to their unique situation.


We needed to gather customer data that helped demonstrate that Coway understands every detail of Malaysian bedroom behaviours and factors that affect their personal bedroom routines, like a specialist.

But nobody likes filling out surveys.

So we offered them something completely unique - tell us your dreams and we would use the latest AI technology to visualise them into unique, personal artwork.

During the dream submission process, we asked them about their pre-sleep routine.

This gave us two unique data sets: the narrative of their dream, which were categorised into different themes, content and emotional tones, and their pre-sleep routine, which were categorised based on their rest quality and habits, and products owned and used

Combining both data sets unveiled the intricate connections between dreams and sleep routines of each participant, enabling us to tailor the creative content to specific audiences and recommend specific products that would help them rest


We launched a three-month campaign with ‘Rest with Coway’ nationwide.

We created a launch film on YouTube and IG, using AI dream imagery that invited people to tell us their dreams and drove them to the campaign website.

The dream entries were then individually visualised and uploaded onto a dynamic on-line map of the Malaysian dreamscape - enabling anyone to search and see what Malaysia was dreaming of and engaging submissions.

Selected dreams were also uploaded onto digital out-of-homes in 123 locations across 6 states - all carrying our CTA and driving more submissions.

Every dream submission was converted into a unique artwork, which was sent directly back to the customer with an analysis of their dream, insights on how to sleep better and the perfect product that could specifically improve their rest and sleep.


Result #1 - captured attention

> 24 million people reached across Malaysia

> 27 million video views across various digital platforms, with 72% of viewers on YouTube completing the entire video

> 935,000 clicks to website and articles for further information

> Owned media results:

- 38.9% of hyper-personalised EDMs were opened

- RM916,999 free media value

> Earned media results:

- Generated 15.2k reactions, comments, and shares on social media

Result #2 - increased sales

> 83% of participants who submitted their dreams returned to complete their submission and bought at least one Coway product, resulting in RM38 million worth of sales:

- 5,278 dream submissions

- 4,379 products sold during the campaign period

Result #3 - boosted business performance

> Overall, it contributed to the business with an increment of 11.4% within the first two months right after the campaign was launched.

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