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Drip, the Snowdrop

JUNG VON MATT AG, Hamburg / EDEKA / 2022

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In recent years, the mildest winters in measurement history have been recorded in many European countries. Germany experienced six of the ten warmest winters in the 21st century. On average, we can only look forward to snow on the three holidays every ten years. The Brief: To create an emotional Christmas film, that focusses on EDEKAs responsibility for a sustainable future.


In an elaborate animated film, we tell the story of Drip: A raindrop, that wants nothing more than to become a snowflake. But his dream bursts - just like ours - as raindrops on the window pane. Our Christmas film shows the sad reality: no snow. And without a happy ending.


Statistically speaking, the chance of Snow on Christmas in Germany dropped by 52 percent since the 1980s. But still, the German audience expects whole-hearted, happy-ending christmas commercials. We decided to break with this tradition: In bubbly PIXAR-aesthetics, we lured our audience into another bubbly christmas commercial – only to subvert their expectations in a shocking live-action conclusion: Without snow. And without a happy end.


Our most everyday actions have the greatest impact on our environment. To illustrate this, we melted a dreamlike animated film into an intimate live-action sequence. With Cloudland, we envisioned a world, that has never shown before: the life of a drop in a cloud. We reiterated a lot of different settings, before coming up with a bubbly setting, that created the sharpest contrast to our film’s ending.

We built brand new sets of characters from scratch. Each character, prop, vehicle and environment was designed in sketch form before being translated into 3D space using modeling. We also developed cloud world environment using modeling and FX simulation. With a team of talented 3D animators we were able to bring our hero raindrop and other raindrop civillians to life. Each raindrop was hand animated to create the most expressive and loveable characters.


8,8M views on Youtube and on various social media networks, including viva con agua’s live twitch event. National and international press coverage – and shoutouts by WWF and follow food.

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