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INNOCEAN, Dubai / HYUNDAI / 2023

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As per the Jordanian Society for the prevention of Road Accident, around 1,600,000 traffic accidents occurred in the past year worldwide as a result of using mobile phones.

International figures suggest “the use of mobiles while driving is one of the main reasons for fatal traffic accidents, “which is similar in Jordan”

• Traffic official in Jordan highlighted the following:

o Most car distractions are a result of drivers using mobile which lead to the following:

o Several car accidents.

o Fail to apply full safety precautions while driving.

o Not abiding traffic safety regulations.

The brief was to come up with a CSR campaign in Jordan to educate the public about the danger of using mobiles while driving without showing negative images such as accidents & injuries.


Caring about road safety and as part of the brand’s corporate social responsibilities, the brand wanted to run a campaign that Raises awareness to the public in Jordan about the dangers of using cell phones while driving, through engaging activities in the showroom, universities, malls …etc.

Among their target audiences were the new driving learners who are attending driving classes in driving schools in Jordan. As part of the learning process in the driving school, those individuals get handed booklets and material that educate them about road safety rules and road signs and what they mean. We added one more flyer to those material with a message to the new learning drivers addressing the danger of using cell phones while driving.


One sheet flyer that included a visual of blurred (out of focus) road signs with a message in Arabic (because the target audience and the market’s official language is Arabic).

The message translates to English: “This is how road signs will look like when you use your mobile phone while driving”. #Drive_With_Fucos.

Suggesting that you lose focus of what’s on the road when you use your mobile while driving.

We adapted the same materials and styles used to produce the regular driving schools booklets and flyers to make it feel more part of the actual learning process in the driving school and not as a gimmick that won’t be taken seriously. The other side of the flyer had the brand's logo on it.

30,000 flyers were produced and distributed to learning drivers in driving schools across Jordan over a period of 2.5 months.


The distribution of this flyer demonstrated brand's corporate social responsibilities contribution and care about road safety. It's a small piece intending a big impact on consumers' behavior to not use their cell phones while driving. It carried a serious message about the danger of using mobile phones while driving yet delivered without showing any negativity such as images of accidents or a threat of getting fined.

And when one driving learner sees it, he or she could pass this simple flyer to the next driving learner or to an already driving person who still uses their mobile while driving.

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