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SOCIAL LAB, Beijing / DUREX / 2017

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Before Valentine’s Day 2017; Durex launched a mysterious perfume named Uncover, that promised to improve the quality of people’s sex lives. When news got out we received a lot of attention and decided to invited couples to test out Uncover on a live-streaming show.

To the couples surprise, they discovered that Uncover was just an ordinary perfume used to enhance one’s mood. However through the pretense of the product, and live-stream of a same name, this experiment most importantly provided the opportunity for couples to communicate sincerely with one another.

During the live-stream show, under the guidance and encouragement of Durex, the partners gradually opened up to each other and shared their sexual desires. Audiences watching the live-stream were reminded about what truly matters in sex life. This was not done through the “magical effects” of the product, but rather by witnessing the couples honest interactions with each other.


We spread the mysterious preview of this perfume throughout major social platforms two weeks before Valentine’s Day 2017. The call to “improve the quality of your sex life” attracted tremendous attention and discussion. A week before Valentine’s Day we held a live-stream event and invited couples to have a hands-on experience with the perfume to gain additional attention. The fully edited Uncover video emphasized the theme and accumulated attention to the subject through the roof. Finally, on Valentine’s Day, we sold 10,000 Uncover limited edition perfume in Durex retail stores and some luxury perfume stores, and it became the most anticipated and trendy gift for Valentine’s Day.


The live stream video received 3.8 million views on that day and the whole documentary video received 48.1 million views across social and video sharing platforms worldwide. Overall, the video made 2.12 billion impressions globally.

Most importantly, this campaign allowed couples to realize the necessity of communicating about sex, thus allowing them to really improve to sex lives. Near 1.6 million couples shared their thoughts and said “the quality of our sex lives have significantly improved after having discovered Uncover.”

The 10,000 limited edition perfumes were out of stock on Valentine’s Day and the perfume soon became the hottest topic. Durex took a commercial branding opportunity and transformed gave it a twist allowing viewers to form an emotional bond that inspires sincere communication.

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