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IRIS SYDNEY, Sydney / SONY / 2011

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Research revealed a major barrier to purchasing new movie titles is that people simply do not have enough room in their DVD collections. The Great DVD Amnesty gave them the opportunity to send in their old DVDs and receive five dollars cash back. This was then redeemable against purchases from the Sony Pictures Core Catalogue Collection (which we put in specially marked cases). The Amnesty needed a spokesperson. Who better than one of the big names from those movies from the '80s and '90s that were haunting their DVD collections? Jean-Claude Van Damme.


The DVD and Blu-ray market in Australia has been in decline now for many years with consumers choosing to purchase movies online. The commercial objective of the campaign therefore was not about reversing this decline, but about gaining a bigger share of a declining market. To this point, the campaign proved extremely successful and market share grew from 11.1% in the forth quarter of 2009 to 12.3% across the same period in 2010. Whilst a percentage increase of 1.2% might not seem very much, it far exceeded the client's forecast and was the highest increase in share for 7 years.

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