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From focus group conversations with people waiting for donor it became clear that the most difficult thing is the unbearable waiting in the uncertainty. There is no chance a healthy individual could experience the same condition empathetically, so a physical and emotional experience was devised. Such a sensitive subject as organ donation requires maximum empathy, so the choice was made to construct the campaign not through shocking effect, but through emotional one. The inspiration was taken from the contemporary art practice – a live performance of waiting experience in the place where everyone is always on the go (stations). The performances became a backbone of the campaign to generate the PR and social media activities, outdoors and videos.


Professional artists were involved to give credibility to the performance and make the idea clearer. Two weeks before an outdoor and online campaign started to make sure there would be people standing for a longer time. People waiting for donors and with transplanted organs also actively participated – that helped to showcase the goodness of organ transplantation.

The performances were used to generate additional material for other types of communication: live streams on social media and news outlets. Celebrities participated attracting media attention and sharing their experience on social media.

The public was keeping the high spirit of the participants through encouraging messages on social media and live support.

A performance inspired advertising campaign was released, including outdoor, magazines and online.

An artistic short film by a professional award winning film director was created out of the performance material, which was released to media and in cinemas after the performance.


-October 2017 saw an increase of 500 per cent of organ donation agreement submissions – a record month in the history of Lithuanian organ transplantation.

-The campaign inspired a number of Parliament Members to start discussing the law of organ donation system to be changed to an opt-out one in the Parliament. This wasn’t original objective, but the powerful message and the media attention to it inspired politicians to take action independently.

-Approximately 1000 people participated in the 24 hour performance with the combined number of 1.217 hours stood out.

-50K views of the after-performance film on social media and 150K in cinemas.

- Over 450 organ donation media outings in the national media, including TV shows, magazine features, radio talkshows with the audience 7 mln. The buzz on social media created by posts of influencers and general public – at least 350 messages with combined audience of 2 mln.

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