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Nowadays the video game industry is bigger than film and music businesses combined. Professional players are stars followed by millions of fans. With this incredible scenario, games are fun and entertaining, but they can also be the most natural environments to reach tons of young people. Therefore, we invited the biggest gamers in Brazil for an experience, including 6-time World Champion, Fenix (FNX). By doing so, we used sports to alert gamers and provoke a very important reflection. We wanted to prove that both in the game and out of it, it's impossible to win an unfair challenge. E-quality: e-sport against the gender pay gap.


According to a World Economic Forum report, women earn 32% less than men. How to show what the pay gap really means? Mainly for those who can change this reality in the future: young people. To improve the understanding, we brought together players from the popular game Counter-Strike to a match as unequal as the one in the labor market. In the experiment, in each round, one of the teams earned 32% less than the othe5. With less money, it was impossible to buy the same game items. The score: 16 to 6. Even with Lincoln "FNX", 6-time World Champion, the losing team finished with a 62.5% handicap, more than the initial imbalance. With this parallel, the understanding became even clearer and people realized the pay gap effects, especially in the long term. The main goal was to encourage debate and initiate a movement within e-sport. It worked out.


Telefonica is Latin America’s largest telecom and Gamers Club is Latin America’s largest gaming platform. Both have great interest among young audiences. And this audience has a great interest in the game world.

In a special match exhibition, the players could experience the difficulty what women face every day in the real world. Then they became ambassadors for the cause and began a dialogue within the game community and stimulated reflection on the subject.

The game community wasn't just viewers, they could also experience what is get into a challenge earning 32% less by playing online. In this way, they also helped to spread this important message.

As Mandela said: “Sport has the power to change the world. It has the power to inspire. It speaks to youth in a language they understand. Sport can create hope where once there was only despair”. And that was our goal.


The project was launched on the digital platforms of Vivo Telefonica and Gamers Club. Gamers Club Twitch TV broadcasted the match live. Then the players who participated in the match became ambassadors for the cause and amplified the debate in their personal channels (Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitch TV). In addition, a website was created and served as an information hub, which brought together the project video, the match broadcast with 2 women sport narrators, the players' video testimonials and even a link inviting people to play online. Therefore, the viewers could feel what it means to earn 32% less. Great personalities played and joined the cause, such as Gaulês and FalleN - considered the greatest legend of Brazilian e-sports. In the first 2 weeks alone, there were more than 37,000 matches. If each match has 10 players, 370,000 gamers played online, greatly impacting the game community.


So far the project has reached an amazing 39,850,000 social media impacts. This number is 2x the size of the entire e-Sports community in Brazil. Thus, the debate that began in the world of games went beyond it.

The success of the case is related to the engagement of the game community. While playing online the game hacked version, they also helped spread the message. There were more than 37,000 matches, which means that more than 370,000,000 players. Among them, FalleN, the most iconic Brazilian gamer.

Although the pay gap still exists around the world, this reality is already changing in the Brazilian e-sports. The Gamers Club itself sponsors the most important Counter-Strike Championship in Brazil. Now, they have changed their prize policy. Men and women received the same prize. It is the e-sports starting a movement that cannot stop here.

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