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MARCEL, Paris / FNAC / 2013

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Our assignment was to promote the Week of Eroticism at La FNAC megastore’s and more specifically to drive customers to the unfamiliar erotic books section in order to raise awareness and sales.

We created the “Erotic Touch”, an interactive and erotic audio book experience that was controlled by people’s touch.

Passages from bestseller Lady Chatterley’s lover were printed along the megastore walls. Customers were encouraged to caress the words with their fingers.

Using a specially engineered “granular synthesis and motion detection” customers’ touch triggered a prerecorded reading of the text via directional speakers at the exact pace of the touch. As fingers caressed the words, the extract becomes a sensual journey guiding visitors in a playful way to the erotic book section.


The challenge was to drive people to the unfamiliar erotic book section.

Visitors touching the words one after another to trigger the full pre-recorded passage of Lady Chatterley’s lover were literally guided to the book section in a playful way.


-The operation attracted the attention of numerous local media (Parisian newspapers, literature magazines, specialized blogs).

-La FNAC asked to repeat the operation in their other megastores in France.

-28,838 fingers caressed the texts within the special week helping sales to grow up to 14% and adding a touch of eroticism to people’s day, literally.

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