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Each drop of Hennessy X.O is an odyssey

DDB PARIS, Paris / HENNESSY / 2016

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To demonstrate the depth and uniqueness of Hennessy X.O. we wrote an oneiric movie that aims to show in a metaphoric and symbolic way its taste.

We decided to visualise how it tastes through seven chapters that define the succession of flavours you will experience. But instead of doing a classical film that is based on logic, we collaborated with Palme d’or winning director Nicolas Winding Refn to imagine a movie as mystical and impactful as the blend of the cognac.

Thus we created a film which goes beyond the codes of traditional luxury and breaks away from classical elegance, expressing instead in a modern way the depth and uniqueness of the X.O. blend.


The campaign was released at the same time all around the world : the third of march.

Film by Nicolas Winding Refn : TV, Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, Hennessy website, Wechat, Youku.

7 Prints: Magazines, standard outdoor and animated prints in airports all over the world.

360°: Virtual reality experiment and 360 Making-off.

Consumers were invited to live the Virtual Odyssey inspired by the universe of the film in 16 airports.

These 360 films were released through an iOs and Android app, and on Samsung Gear VR market.

7 Limited edition packaging based on the 7 Prints.

A minisite.

A banner campaign based on the animated prints and the film.


The film has been viewed 25.000.000 times, becoming the most viewed luxury ad of the year (source?: Google and Youtube marketing analytics)

80% of positive reviews?; 18% extremely positive (source?: Added Value, qualitative research & new brand campaign analysis)

Media impression worldwide?: 220.000.000

Earned media?: 28.400.000

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