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Sennheiser wanted to promote their new wireless earbuds and capture the attention of music lovers in a heavily crowded audio category, therewith outsmarting the competition and promoting their newest wireless earbuds. The primary objective was to capture the attention of music lovers and reinforce the brand. The brief was to find a way to leverage the transformative power of music and human psychology to create a memorable and engaging experience for the audience. By showing titles of famous songs on billboards, we triggered the audience’s memory of the song, leading to the experience of hearing it in their head. Each song’s popularity within the local community, along with its placement in the right location at the right time, made the campaign a success.


The creative idea was based on the insight that hearing a song in your head can be just as powerful as actually hearing it. Leveraging the transformative power of music, we showed titles of famous songs on billboards, triggering the audience’s memory of the song and made it play in their head. To enhance the instant recognition of the song title, we matched it with the context of where and when each billboard was placed.


The strategy of the campaign was to capture the attention of music lovers and reinforce the Sennheiser brand by leveraging the transformative power of music and human psychology. There was no specific call to action, but the implicit message was that Sennheiser’s wireless earbuds are the perfect choice for music lovers who want to have a transformative and engaging experience with their favourite songs. By associating the brand with memorable and engaging experiences the campaign aimed to drive sales and reinforce the brand in the minds of the target audience.


The work ran in three continents around the globe: on Times’ Square, New York on Mother’s Day; in Berlin during the Pride Parade, and in Beijing during the Qixi Festival, China’s Valentine’s Day. The work ran for four months, from May 8th (Mother’s Day) to August 4th (Qixi Festival China), in 2022.


We played songs in the heads of millions of people, without our product and without any music. But with a total reach of 50 million across three continents, the campaign received global attention. It was able to generate significant interest from media outlets, earning €11.3 million in media. We were able to create a high level of engagement with the target audience with over 13 million engagements. All of this was achieved on a zero PR budget.

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