Eau D' Eurojackpot

KING, Stockholm / SVENSKA SPEL / 2018

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Eurojackpot has Sweden's largest jackpot - over 800 million Swedish crowns. Even though most people say they would like to win such a big jackpot, the average Eurojackpot player is 53 years old. Eurojackpot wanted to change that, broaden the target group and engage a younger audience.

The communicative target group was set as 30-50 years. In the lottery world, this is considered to be young.

The goal of the campaign was to reach the target audience by increasing:

- Spontaneous knowledge

- Preference

- buying intention


The image of the typical Eurojackpot player is often negative. And many, mostly younger, have a difficulty identifying themselves with the image of a player. Nevertheless, we know that almost all people want the luxury and freedom that could be realized with a high Eurojackpot win.

Eurojackpot needed to create positive associations to the jackpot and not only communicate the enormous amount. We had to illustrate the jackpot in a different way, with a tonality that communicates a more modern dream.

To grab the new target group’s attention Eurojackpot chose to tickle our fastest sense of all – smell. The well renowned Perfume duo Agonist Parfums was asked to create a fragrance that would give a sense of winning the big jackpot.


To reach this young, more urban target group, we couldn’t only rely on linear TV and traditional media. We also needed to reach them in their everyday life, through influencers and social media.

That’s why we chose to make a scent, so that people could experience a sensation, have something to share, show and talk about.

The process of creating the scent gave us interesting content and made people think of the jackpot in new ways.


The perfume was presented in ads and commercials. To activate the brand, it was also presented at prestigious locations including Sweden's largest fashion store NK in Gothenburg and Stockholm. Visitors not only got a sample but also got a test strip with a unique number, so they could take the chance to experience the jackpot for real.

The perfume was sent to influencers and journalists.

Samples could be ordered online where you also could put in a game.


This campaigns objective was to let a modern and active target group experience an enormous lottery jackpot in a completely new way. By tickling our fastest sense – smell – Eurojackpot activated customers and reshaped their feelings and fantasies about a brand that earlier was seen as old and boring.

In the target group, 30-50 years, the spontaneous awareness of Eurojackpot increased by 48% and the preference for Eurojackpot by 105%. This despite the fact that the jackpot was not unusually high and even though there were no other media activities.

In addition, the buying intention in the target group increased from 20 to 23%.

The fragrance, Eau D'Eurojackpot, was so appreciated that it is now planned to be produced in large scale.

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