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Procter & Gamble came to us to launch the brand new Lacoste’s L12.12 male fragrance collection and reach a new target. The difficulty was that this new target is not really motivated by the fragrance’s traditional top down way of communicating. They want to actively engage. We went back to Lacoste’s DNA and identified that René Lacoste was more than a tennis player, he was also an engineer. René Lacoste innovative ideas helped transform the way people play forever. The Big Idea became obvious and transformation was the key word. -transform the essence of Lacoste in a fragrance -transform the traditional fragrance market approach -and allow everyone to engage with the brand, play with its code and create their own transformation of their life We created a dedicated digital plate-form, connected to the Lacoste Facebook fan page. Fans were invited to join La Machine L12.12 dedicated website to create their own playful transformation. Once all datas collected a dedicated software a dedicated software were mixed it and make a unique personal 20sec movie of the transformation of your life. Then you, and your facebook friends, were invited to watch live it on LaMachine. 15m long, 8,5 high 2tons LaMachine L12.12 was specifically designed to resemble the crocodile tail and skin and it's 64 hexagon shaped screen displayed 24/7 all the fans 20 sec transformation films during 10 days in Grand central Terminal NYC. On top of that you could watch 24/7 the transformation 20sec movie live -on the web, thanks to 3 webcams, -on Lacoste Facebook fan page, -on each participant Facebook page, -on the dedicated Lacoste L12.12 web site -and on all other digital plate-form you had decided to share and broadcast it.

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