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WE BELIEVERS, New York / E6PR / 2020

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Since we created the Eco Six Pack Rings in 2016, over 200 craft breweries from more than 24 countries have chosen to adopt the rings. Great news for us and the planet.

Yet, our dream was to be chosen by the brand we grew up with and love the most: Duff Beer.

We knew we needed to convince Matt Groening to accept our gift:

the rights to the animated version of our rings to be used free of charge, forever and ever.


The popular show, “The Simpsons”, takes place in a fictional town called “Springfield”. For years, American audiences have wondered which real Springfield town the show was based on since there are actually more than 70 real Springfields in the United States.

We went to the real Springfield–Springfield, Oregon–with a message to Matt Groening, creator of the show, to raise awareness of E6PR. 30 years after the Simpsons premiered, we wanted to reach those who grew up with the show and those who live in the real Springfield, all of whom learned through Matt’s character, eight year old environmentalist Lisa Simpson, how important it is to care of the planet.



Meadow Billboard on Main St. for 4 weeks (3/25 - 4/25)

Outfront Posters for 2 weeks (3/25 - 4/7)

Outfront Digital billboard for 1 week (4/1 start)

Lamar Bus Super King and Tail for 4 weeks (3/25 - 4/25)


Register Guard weekend edition Full page print ad (Sat 3/30 - Sun 3/31)

Eugene Weekly full page print ad (Thurs. 3/29)


DJ reads on BiCoastal Media (KDUK 104.7 FM & KPNW 1120 AM) during their Monday 4/1 morning shows


Unfortunately, Matt didn't answer.

We only got local media coverage.

Duff Beer, from Panamá, did reach out to us.

But we believe that when it’s about trying to reduce plastic pollution, it’s always worth it to try.

And hey, what a fun campaign to do, don’t you think?

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