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We wanted to bring back the glory of 1979 to Puerto Ricans, creating a desire in them to watch this documentary – and live this glorious time once again.

So, we decided to promote the film in the oldest, dearest and most important newspaper of Puerto Rico, which achieved the greatest coverage of the ‘79 Games: EL MUNDO. A newspaper that, just like “the Magnificent 12”, made history in Puerto Rico and was almost entirely responsible for the collective euphoria generated by the Pan American Games of 1979. It was the perfect media.

There was just one problem.

El Mundo, which meant so much to so many, closed its doors 30 years ago.

But this little detail did not stop us.

We did the seemingly impossible.

On July 7, 2017, we gave back El Mundo to Puerto Rico for one day.


We reproduced exactly the format of El Mundo, rewriting real news of July 7th, 1979, recreating articles, sections, and so on.

The front page promoted the documentary with the headline: “Tomorrow, history will be made in the Roberto Clemente Coliseum - Come and see the Nuyoricans in action, Saturday at 7pm”. The article was about the film.

For the inside pages, we also persuaded our clients to advertise retro-style ads with their ‘79 logos. Colgate, KFC, Pizza Hut… all of them came back with us to 1979.

Then, we printed thousands of copies of El Mundo on a real press. We were ready.

El Mundo was launched one day before the premiere, with the date of July 7, 1979. We distributed copies all around the Island, at traffic lights, bakeries, drugstores, and in crowded places, such as train stations.

It was a one shot deal… and it turned out beautifully.


The morning of July 7th, 2017, we struck a chord with the Puerto Rican people.

Thanks to El Mundo, for one day, we gave them back a time of glory.

People were happily surprised when they saw their dear newspaper once again at the traffic lights and other places. “El Mundo is back?” was the first question they asked, and when they read about the premiere of the documentary, they smiled - and some of them even get emotional.

Besides getting +$150K in free advertising (Puerto Rican TV programs mentioned El Mundo, people shared it on facebook, Instagram and Twitter) and a total reach of approximately 200K people, we managed to get 10 movie theaters packed for the first 8 weeks of the documentary.

But most of all, we fulfilled our primary mission: tickets for the premiere were sold out.

History was made again at the Roberto Clemente Coliseum.