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The next generation Range Rover is a completely re-imagined luxury SUV—a new vehicle for a new era. To introduce it fittingly, we chose an equally re-imagined advertising format: the iAd.

Five compelling banner ads were placed in apps popular with our discerning target audience, which invited the user into a highly immersive 5-part introduction to the new vehicle. The iAd, which we called Elements of a Modern Legend, encouraged the user to tap and explore the five different “elements” that makes the new Range Rover an extraordinary vehicle: AL/Aluminum, DN/Design, CP/Capability, R/Refinement, and E/Engage.

In the Aluminum section, users were able to activate “x-ray vision” by holding their finger over the screen, giving them a glimpse into the world’s first all-Aluminum body. The extra-curious user could also sneak a peak into the curtained windows of a boutique hotel in the background, or discover a subterranean dinosaur fossil hidden in the parking lot. Users could also watch a video that gave an inside look at the sustainable Aluminum manufacturing process.

The Design section celebrated the breadth of options available, and gave our users the chance to configure their optimal Range Rover, with personalized exterior colors, and a choice of rim and roof colors.

In the Capability section, an interactive Terrain Response dial demonstrated the Range Rover’s ability to tackle a multitude of different terrains. Tapping on the terrain symbols activated short 15-second videos that showed the new vehicle easily tearing through sand, rock, water, mud, and scaling steep mountainsides.

Through an interactive dashboard in the Refinement section, users could take a closer look at the luxurious cabin details and read about the many noteworthy interior enhancements.

The Engage section helped us to continue the dialogue with potential owners by tactfully gathering information for future communications. For those that needed no further convincing, the iAd, working seamlessly with the iPhone, used geolocation technology to immediately locate Land Rover retailers nearest the user.

The iAd proved to be a hit, earning a higher than average tap-through rate, and an impressive 77 seconds spent within the experience.

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