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BLUE HIVE, Rome / FORD / 2016

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We aimed at catching people’s attention on those individuals that can be the most vulnerable ones if we drive distracted. We used emoticons images to replicate the shapes of three subjects. From a distance, people would see a dog or a child on a scooter. At a closer glance, they would realize the illustrations were made up of emoticons. Because typing an emoticon while driving can kill lives. We used the baseline Don’t Emoji and Drive, which later turned into #don’temojiandrive, to sustain the message.


We ideated three different subjects, a kid on a scooter, an old man with a walking stick and a jumping dog and developed them through three illustrations, where the shape of the image remains, but the texture is all made up of different emoticons, picked to replicate shapes, shadows and colours.


Albeit no media budget was allocated, nevertheless the campaign achieved very good (organic) numbers: Facebook Reached 1 M, Twitter Reached 1.2 M, Blog Reached 3.9 M, & News Online Reached 57.3 M. in just a few days.

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